How to publish campaigns (ads) with us?

    1. Go to menu and click Advertise with Us.

    2. Fill up the fields in the form. Please see screenshot for guide. The fields are squared in green.

    3. After clicking Submit button, you will see a confirmation note that you have successfully submitted your ads.

    4. Now go and check your email. You will receive two (2) emails. A confirmation email that you have successfully submitted your ads and a payment request email for the payment of your ads.

    5. Click the link on the Payment request for your ads email.

    6. Proceed with payment via Paypal or Paypal Express Checkout.

    7. Once you have successfully pay, you will receive a confirmation email regarding on the payment.

    8. Now click the link on the confirmation email regarding on the payment to see reports regarding your ads.

    9. Once you have clicked the link, you will be redirected to the page where you can see/check detailed report of your ads.

    10. You can now go and check your ads. As for this guide, the ads placement is located in the newsfeed. See image below.




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