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Cosmetics are perceived distinctly in diverse geographies of the world. A product considered as cosmetic in one market may be regarded as a cosmeceutical/drug/OTC in another market. The cosmetic industry is ever-evolving and is highly driven by consumer expectations. Continuous innovation requires in-depth domain knowledge and industry understanding.

Freyr iREADY is a cosmetic  ingredient database platform that enables manufacturers and brand owners to understand the Regulatory requirements for ingredients across global markets. It supports proactive Regulatory compliance observance and management of product formulae in different markets. iREADY can be used for new product development as well as lifecycle management of existing products to ensure continued compliance.

Freyr iREADY analyses global ingredient regulations and eases the access to global regulations to enable companies focus on the critical decision making necessary for product compliance while launching products globally.

iREADY Salient Features

Ingredient Regulations


Companies often have to deal with multiple products and ingredients across several regions globally. For this, they may have to track the ingredients information from various Regulatory Health Authority (HA) websites, which is cumbersome and time consuming.

Within Freyr iREADY, we maintain regulations/legislations (such as approved, restricted or prohibited status) and industry standards for more than 32,000+ cosmetic ingredients by Substance Name, Function, INCI, Country, and CAS Number, across 75+ markets on a single platform, hence, reducing the time spent for compliance check by simultaneously reviewing regulations of ingredients across global markets in a single window.

Key Highlights

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    Freyr iREADY takes into consideration the distinct names used for ingredient in different locations. For instance, Water is “Air” in Indonesia and “Aqua” in Canada, hence, ensuring compliant labeling for different markets.
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    Freyr iREADY includes all identified functions of each ingredient, for instance, TiO2 can be used as colorant as well as UV filter, allowing users to select ingredients with ease while building product formulae.
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    The interface is modelled for users to search ingredients using multiple parameters like Ingredient name (INCI), CAS No., Functions, and Synonyms, in a single search bar.

Formulae Compliance

At an innovation stage, companies often struggle to understand the functions and acceptability of the ingredients used in their formula at a global level.

Freyr iREADY provides companies the ability to build innovative formulae based on ingredient functions and concentration limits and check for compliance in various markets.

Simply selecting multiple ingredients to create formulae, add concentrations and functions, view the acceptability of the ingredient combination across global markets. iREADY includes all identified functions of each ingredient, hence, allowing the user to select functions with ease while building product formulae.

Freyr iREADY currently supports Formulation Assessment while taking into consideration the permissibility of the ingredient in each market. For instance, positive or prohibited list of ingredients in a market.

Key Highlights

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    The created formulae are proprietary to the individual user or company
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    Multiple formulations and SKU’s can be created and saved for future use
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    Ability to search for all ingredients in the formulae by using a list of CAS No
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    Global Comparative Map view across markets to view overall compliance of the formulae based on permissibility of ingredients

Recent Updates

With growing scientific knowledge and sensitivity towards product safety, the industry is witnessing more mature and stringent guidelines by the Health Agencies to ensure consumer safety. Sometimes, changes in regulations by the Health Agencies causes huge impact on the existing products of an organization, for instance, preservatives (MIT and CIT) are now banned from many consumer products and if the awareness on the same is delayed, it could lead to reformulation, product recalls, and/or heavy penalty due to non-compliance.

Freyr iREADY helps companies determine the existing products that would have an impact due to an ingredient change, that in turn will be beneficial for accurate decision-making. It is even useful during product development as it enables R&D team to study the impact of change in ingredient regulation on product formulae, or at times, when the Regulatory Authority prohibits the use of a certain ingredients in a specific market.

Key Highlights

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    Ability to search recent updates on cosmetic global ingredient regulations for a given date range
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    Ability to view impacted cosmetic formulae saved in iREADY based on the recent updates on ingredients
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    The impacted ingredients are flagged based on the complexity level of the update


    • Blue Flag: Any recent inclusions in approved list or any relaxations in regulations with respect to a specific ingredient, will be highlighted with a blue flag
    • Red Flag: Any recent prohibitions or restrictions introduced with respect to any specific ingredient will be highlighted with a red flag
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    Key safety related information associated with ingredient such as CMR toxicity, Prop 65, SVHC status, etc., is also captured in Fr
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